Monday, August 27, 2007


This is the recruiting station.

Welcome, new agent!

If you are one of the few our operatives have privately contacted, then Ground Control has selected you as a top candidate for the Self-Central Program. As an agent, each month you will be given a new mission. To complete this mission will require cunning and craft as you will have to disguise yourself to blend in with the locals.

New missions will be sent out the first of every month. You will have 21 days to complete each mission.

On the 21st day of each month, all mission progress should be posted to this board as well as to your respective personel folders cleverly hidden amongst millions of civilians on

All mission progress should be recorded at no larger than 441x670 pixels.

If you choose to accept:
1. set up a blogger account
2.Choose an Agent ID name
3. email to be added to the Self-Central main page for posting privledges.

Once your email of acceptance is received, I will send you a complete run down of everything you need to know to participate in the missions.

The first mission will be posted September 1st. Good luck, agent. We're counting on you.

~Major Tom


RocketShoes! said...

Mission accepted, Ground Control!

Agent RocketShoes! reporting for duty!

Dedgurl said...

Agent Dedgurl at your service, Ground Control.

Let's rock and roll!

Lunarjarrett said...

Ground Control, Agent Big Kahuna here & ready to party! pimp style!

Anonymous said...

Agent Padlock ready for action!

Darkwood said...

Agent Darkwood reporting for duty!

amism said...

Mission accepted!

Agent Amism reporting for duty!