Monday, October 1, 2007

Mission 2 Recon

Every night at midnight, the Dark Hour begins. It's the hour between midnight and 12:01am. Most people transmorgrify into coffins, but some...ususally those that have the potential to summon personas, do not. During this time, the shadows come out---these are monsterous creatures that like to feed on humans. They seem to be emenating from Tartarus---a huge tower that spawns from Gekkou High during the Dark Hour.

Persona 3 links:
running around tartarus
prologue movie with coffins

General Info:

Art: (aka: every persona in the game)

RS! rundown: To infiltrate SEES (The Specialized Extracurricular Exectution Squad) we'll have to blend in at Gekkou High School as students first. The school uniforms all seem to have a basic black/white/red scheme, but the individual way of wearing it varies. Also, you'll want to grab yourself a SEES armband for when we enter Tartarus.
(scroll down for uniforms and such)

Also, for battle, it's generally good to have some sort of weapon to fight with. Your Evoker gun will be the thing you'll have to get used to using. (The best shot of one is in the prologue movie above) It's how you summon your Persona or "Other Self". They say your Persona is like a mirror and that it somehow reflects you. The current leader of the SEES team is the only person who has more than one persona, but he starts with Orpheus. All Personas can be catagorized based on the major arcana from the tarot.

See you all inside!


Braingoblin said...

The gods thank you for your recon.....I couldn't find any persona examples....

Anonymous said...

Wow, this mission's gonna be awesome *goes to pick a proper tarot*!

Dedgurl said...

Have I told you you're totally bitchin' today, RS? I haven't? Well, you are. :D