Sunday, December 2, 2007


Man, I totally take back all the bitching I did when we had to lug those file cabinets from Sub-Basement 32 all the way to floor 92 when the elevators were out last summer. They sure do make a good barricade in a pinch. Great at keeping mindless zombies at bay, but not related ones, it seems.

Bob and Jen stopped by to check out my place of employment three months after I first invited them, [with the exception of our parents, none of the clan's very timely.] Needless to say, it was awkward, and gave Bob a whole wealth of new material to tease me with for the months, [years,] to come. But then Bob and Jen got into the spirit of things and lent a hand, which was great since my boom-stick had just run out of ammo and I was down to just my trusty chainsaw.

Good times, good times.