Thursday, December 6, 2007


Whew! Thank goodness the zombie menace was stopped!

Major Tom is still in recovery. The specialists have reassured me his brain cravings shouldn't last much longer.

I know most of agents requested time off for the holidays, but we just got a special request and I'm hoping at least a few of you will be up for the challenge!

One Mr. S. Nicholas has asked that Ground Control send out a few agents to help buff up security at his factory up north. It's only seasonal help---he said the job would be done before the new year---but it sounds pretty important.

So if you're geared to go, remember to dress warm and bring some milk and cookies. (It's always good to impress the client, right?)

Mission Requirements: Santa needs help! Better dress the part and get ready to guard the toyshop! Mission is due before Jan. 1st!

Happy Hols, kids and kittens!
Molly Go-Lightly

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